Bukhara silk carpet , Hand knotted silk carpet with natural colours. .
Carpet-weaving is one of the oldest types of applied arts which Uzbekistan is famous for.
Eastern carpets live long lives. As for actual pieces of art, they change owners, are inherited, bought for good money, get expensive within time and thought to be a gorgeous gift. The real silk carpet can live for several centuries watching how time changes in silence. Its colors do not fade but become brighter, its mate shine becomes golden within time.
In the East, from the ancient times’ carpets were not an only simple functional piece of the interior creating a cozy atmosphere in a house but due to high price they were a sign of wealth and prosperity of a family and only rich people could afford them.
Carpet is not just a beautiful design, it is a tradition, symbolism, and protection. When scrutinizing carpets, you can see all the peculiarities of world perception in different regions of Uzbekistan, favorite patterns and sense of the ornament.
Bukhara carpets were always highly qualified by the carpet lovers. Gijduvan carpets by Narzullaev’s family continues traditions of Bukhara carpets and tries to keep natural colors, ancient design and technique of making silk carpets by hand. Colorants like onion peels, pomegranate skins, walnut shells, madder roots, saffron and turmeric are used in dyeing process of silk which is the main material of carpets. Everyday knot by knot master makes gorgeous, unrepeatable carpet by hand. Usually it takes from several months to years to make one unique carpet.

Size 99cm x 140cm


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Bukhara silk carpet Bukhara silk carpet